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Tai Chi Fighting Set

Mark's note: a tai chi form for two people!

The entire content has been lifted from James Marshall's webpages, who in turn has copied his lists from other sources. These sources are quoted in italics first, and then his notes are included as they may be of interest.

Copied from Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, published by YMAA Publication Center.

This is an interesting form and apparently a rather advanced one. In the same author's book Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style, the fighting set is number 21 of 22 in the training sequence provided. This book has a pretty good description of this form though and includes "other options", other ways each of the moves could be used in combat practice, but are not used in the form. As a fighting set, this is performed by two people alternating moves. However, moves 28 and 29 are both performed by the same person (the one who did move 2) and moves 78 and 79 are both performed by the same person (the one who did move 1). So in a sense, the roles switch twice during the form.

1.Step Forward for Punch
2.Raise Hands to the Up Posture
3.Step Forward, Intercept and Punch
4.Deflect and Punch
5.Step Forward and Left Shoulder-Stroke
6.Strike the Tiger (Right)
7.Left Elbow Strike
8.Push to the Left and Right Elbow-Stroke
9.Withdraw the Step and Strike the Tiger (Left)
10.Right Downward Strike
11.Raise Hands to the Up Posture
12.Turn the Body and Push
13.Right Swinging-Body Strike
14.Intercept and Punch, One
15.Intercept and Punch, Two
16.Wild Horses Shear the Mane (Left)
17.Strike the Tiger (Right)
18.Turn the Body, Withdraw the Step, and Rollback
19.Step Forward and Press (Left)
20.Turn the Body and Press (Left)
21.Double Dividing and Heel Kick
22.Punch the Groin
23.Step Forward to Pluck and Rend
24.Fair Lady Weaves with Shuttle, One
25.Fair Lady Weaves with Shuttle, Two
26.White Crane Spreads Its Wings
27.Left Shoulder-Stroke
28.Rollback the Shoulder
29.Turn the Body to Rend the Shoulder
30.Turn the Body to Rollback
31.Two Winds Pass Through the Ears
32.Double Push
33.Single Whip
34.Right Push
35.File the Shoulder (Right)
36.Follow the Posture and Push
37.Neutralize and Strike with Right Palm
38.Neutralize and Push
39.Neutralize and Strike with Right Elbow
40.Pluck and Rend
41.Exchange Steps and Rollback
42.Step Forward and Press
43.Exchange Steps and Rollback
44.Strike the Tiger (Right)
45.Turn the Body, Step Backward, and Rollback
46.Step Forward and Press to the Left
47.Return with Press
48.Exchange Steps and Shoulder-Stroke
49.Turn the Body to Fly Diagonally
50.Right Elbow-Strike
51.Turn the Body for Rooster Standing on One Leg
53.Heel Kick
54.Turn the Body, Step Forward, and Strike
55.Rollback Left Arm
56.Turn the Body and Right Kick
57.Double Dividing and Embrace the Knee (Right)
58.Turn the Body and Left Kick
59.Double Dividing and Embrace the Knee (Left)
60.Change Hands and Right Shoulder-Stroke
61.Return Right Elbow-Stroke
62.Step Forward and Grasp the Sparrow's Tail (Left)
63.Wave Hands In Clouds (Right)
64.Step Forward and Grasp the Sparrow's Tail (Right)
65.Wave Hands In Clouds (Left)
66.Divide Upward, Press, abd Downward Heel Kick
67.Low Hook Kick
68.Turn the Body to Sweep Lotus
69.Left Elbow-Stroke
70.Hook Hand and Snake Creeps Down
71.Diagonal Flying (Right)
72.Strike the Tiger (Left)
73.Double Dividing and Push Down
74.Step Back and Repulse Monkey
75.Left Push
76.Step Back and Repulse Monkey
77.Right Push
78.Repulse Monkey
79.Right Palm Strike
80.Step Forward to Seven Stars
81.Pick Up Needle from Sea Bottom
82.Fan Back
83.Pluck Right
84.Draw the Bow and Shoot the Tiger
85.Neutralize Up and Press Forward
86.Punch Under the Elbow
87.Cross Hands
88.Embrace Tiger and Return to the Mountain

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