#363499 [centro]Pandora's Box - A Man's Guide To The Female Mind - The Ultimate Strategy Guide


Vin DiCarlo has discovered how to “profile” women into 8 types…

Based on each “profile”, he has a custom way of reading her mind and
attracting her…

He calls it “Pandora’s Box“… and it’s the HOTTEST new system for picking up women…

Here’s What You Will Be Able To Do:

* You will be able to SEE INSIDE THE MIND of ANY woman you choose.
* You will have a hyper-understanding of the female mind which
* You will be able to influence her behavior on a supernatural level.
* You will join an elite secret society.
* You will be able to decipher her secret language.
* You will be able to get her acting totally outside of her normal range of behavior.
* You will be able to quickly identify which of the 8 character types of women she is.
* You will then be able to adapt your strategy to laser target your efforts to that specific character type.

The Ultimate Strategy Guide fot the 8 Types of Women:

Month 1 - Strange Psychology and Decoding Women Speak
Advanced Cold Reads

Month 2 - Julie The Playette - TDI
Approaching without rejection

Month 3 - Arianna The Hopeful Romantic NDI
Conversational Mastery

Month 4 - Sara The Connosieur NDR
Dating Strategies

Month 5 - Natalie The Modern Woman NJR
Get Her Addicted - How to create Lasting devotion

Month 6 - Jessica Your Private Dancer TD
Physical Intimacy

Month 7 - Meggie The Seductress TJR
How to get threesomes and bring out the 'freak'

Month 8 - Kami The Social Butterfly TJI
Total devotion

You also get this:

Vin DiCarlo Pandora's Box - Seduce Me - Bonus
Unleash Her Inner Nymphomaniac

with small letters^^

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