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#302279 PUA Training Home Study Course
PDF/Mp3 | Audio Book + Ebook | 448.71 MB
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Discover the most powerful system EVER Developed For Bringing The Women You Want Into Your Life. The PUA Training Home Study System Is the Gold Standard For Training In The Seduction Community. And for good reason...It Will Get You LAID.

This is not some quickly thrown together report with rehashed material that you can find on the net for free. It's a complete system, from start to finish and it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. With over 400 original pages jam-packed with full color diagrams, photographs and detailed explanations and nearly 7 hours of the most intense, no-holds-barred seduction secrets ever caught on tape, you will discover...

* How To Structure Your Interactions With Women So That They Smoothly Lead To The Bedroom - Without Feeling Like You Are Being 'Manipulative' Or Fake.

* How to Come Up With Rejection-Proof Openers On The Fly and Break Through Your Approach Anxiety... Even If You're a Raw Rookie, Have Never Approached and Are Scared Shitless.

* The Secrets Of Using Your Body Language, Vocal Tonality, And Eye Contact In Ways That Communicate With Women on a Subconscious Level That forces them to feel a powerful SEXUAL ATTRACTION for you they simply cannot control... no matter how hard they try.

* My proven techniques for getting that crucial first kiss with a woman WITHOUT chance of rejection or failure.

* How To Quickly Cultivate A Charismatic And Compelling Personality That Instantly Flips Several Biological Attraction Switches in a Woman and Practically Forces Her To Throw Herself At You.

And so much more...

From the Desk of Richard La Ruina (AKA Gambler)
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#329899 Aaah se eu soubesse falar ingles hehe, acho q poderiamos nos unir em contribuições para quem traduzir, após ter feito a tradução, se cada um que for baixar der 10 reais, o cara q tiver feito uma tradução de um mes, poderá receber até mesmo um salario minimo, "trabalhando" em prol do forum.

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