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#802889 Galera,

li o livro do Mystery no Kindle e sublinhei as melhores partes. Vou postar aqui em bullet point o inicio e se gostarem posto mais!

  • [font=Times New Roman]Touching should be a normal and constant part of the way you interact with other people, from the very beginning. There should never be some big moment, but instead a series of tiny little moments, and they’re always no big deal. If you wait too long, if you don’t start touching her and her friends when you first meet them, then even innocuous touches will seem weird later on. So you see, the reason it feels so weird when you try to make a move at the end of the night is that you waited too long; you should have been touching her the whole time.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]As you are saying something to her, tap her shoulder with the back of your hand.[/font][font=Times New Roman]STEP 1: Look away from her with your eyes and grasp her shoulder with your hand at the same time as you say something to her. STEP 2: Look back toward her as you let go of her shoulder.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]The important thing to notice about this move is that I am giving her mixed signals of interest and disinterest. In this example, I touch her shoulder with my hand, which signals that I am interested in her, but I also look away as I do it, which signals that I am disinterested in her.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]then soften the impact of that interest by also doing something to signal disinterest, such as looking away while you touch her. Of course, that is only an example—be sure to play around with various combinations.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Touch and release, touch and release. You are the one who makes the move, and you are also the one who pushes it away. She will never be in a position to “reject” you because you already pushed her away first.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Use both of your hands to grab both of her shoulders, move her a little, and then let go.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]move her, as you are talking, so that she is positioned slightly differently from how she started—even[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Always use baby steps to get what you want. Never try to get too much at once.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]By using baby steps in this way, and taking things one step at a time, I am able to get her to follow my lead much more easily. Always lead a woman one step at a time.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]If she doesn’t high-five you, then she is being rather rude. Hold up both your hands now and say, “Whoa … excuse me …” as if you are joking to yourself and having fun. Smile and continue talking, to her or to anyone else you prefer.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]If a woman refuses your move, no big deal, you’ll just chill back for a few moments and then make another move. That’s the kind of guy you are. In fact, she will appreciate this carefree vibe that you bring.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]This “no big deal” vibe is very important![/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]ARM-IN-ARM - “Now don’t get any funny ideas; that’s. all you get!” and continue the conversation.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Keep your left hand on top of her left hand. Why? So that you can feel if she is about to pull her hand away from you, in which case you can preempt her by dropping her hand before she can drop yours. Do it in an absentminded, dismissive way.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]If she is being resistant to your touch, then use more disinterest. For example, toss her hand away, turn your body away from her, or talk to someone else in the group. Do not do this as though you are trying to punish her, but rather as though it’s no big deal.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]While sitting next to her, take her hand and rest it on your leg. Soften the move by saying, “Don’t get any funny ideas.”[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]you are testing to see where she is emotionally.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]As I am talking to a girl, I will hold out my hands, palms up. I continue talking—the conversational topic itself is unrelated. The implication is clear on my face that she is supposed to comply and put her hands into mine.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]If she puts her hands into mine, then she has complied. This will almost always happen, if delivered right.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]I squeeze her hands a little bit. I am testing to see if she squeezes back.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]I then push her left hand forward and pull her right hand back, and then I push her right hand forward and pull her left hand back. I reverse again, back and forth a few times as I continue talking to her, just testing to see how eager she is to follow along, or if there is any resistance in her touch.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]If at any time during the routine I had detected resistance from her, I would have immediately preempted her with a dismissive toss of her hands, thus ending the Kino Test with a physical signal of disinterest.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]“Wait a sec,” you might ask. “If she resists, then I toss her hands away. That makes sense. But you’re saying that if she complies, I also end the gambit by tossing her hands away? So I am supposed to show disinterest either way?” That’s right, you’re supposed to show disinterest either way. The disinterest is what keeps things comfortable and fun between the two of you, allowing you to keep making more and more moves.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Whenever a woman is compliant to one of your moves, reward her with your growing attention and appreciation. In other words, give her your green lights, but only when she feels like she has earned it. Get her to work for it.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]THE SPIN MOVE STEP 1: As you are talking with her, hold your hand up and look at it. Say to her, “Look at this.” [This is a compliance test.] STEP 2: When she looks at your hand, say, “Go like this.” [Another test.] STEP 3: When she puts her hand up like yours, take it and say, “Now do a little spin.” [Yet another compliance test.] STEP 4: Spin her around and say, “Very nice!” [Rewarding her.] STEP 5: Toss her hand dismissively and continue the interaction. [Showing disinterest, then repeating the cycle.][/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]BAIT: The bait is any time that you test her for compliance. That is, any time that you “make a move.” HOOK: If she complies with your move, then you could say she has hooked. (If she doesn’t hook, then immediately go to the Release step.) REEL: This is where you signal her with green lights to reward her for compliance. As she senses your growing interest and appreciation of her, she begins to feel that she is slowly winning you over. RELEASE: Next, push her away. This disinterest builds her attraction levels, and it is also what builds her comfort levels, allowing you to repeat the process and Bait-Hook-Reel-Release all over again![/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]If at any time she mentions her boyfriend, that’s a classic signal that you were showing her too much interest without making her work for it as a reward.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Stop giving her so many green lights and instead practice Bait-Hook-Reel-Release.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Oh, and whatever you do, don’t start asking her all about her boyfriend.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]Now I want to tell you one of the biggest secrets about going for the kiss: Your chances of kissing her are actually better after the first time that she refuses a kiss than they were before.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]A woman needs to put up a little resistance at first, especially with something as intimate as kissing, or she’ll feel easy.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]When a woman refuses a kiss, she isn’t actually rejecting you, and in fact she will be disappointed if you give up. Now is the critical time to respond appropriately …[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]She just needs to see how you respond in such situations;[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]She needs to see that it’s no big deal to you, that you’re just being fun and playful (as opposed to being all intense and romantic) and that you’ll roll off her like it’s no big deal, and you’ll even come back in a few minutes and go for the kiss again.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]When you respond to her in this way, it conditions her to feel safe around you, and it conditions her to relax and enjoy it when you make a move, since she knows that she can put a stop to things at any time, and that if she does, you’ll be cool with it. She has nothing to worry about. Instead, she has something to enjoy.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]if you respond like a high-value guy, then she will actually become more attracted to you than she was before. It’s all up to you.[/font]
  • [font=Times New Roman]If you don’t feel ready for the full-on kiss, just start pecking her—everywhere but her lips! Give her a hug and peck the top of her head. Hold her close and kiss her forehead. Lean over and kiss her on the shoulder. Kiss her on the back of the neck.Kiss her jawline. Kiss her cheek. Kiss her chin. Kiss her lips.[/font]
[/font][font=Times New Roman][/font]

[font=Times New Roman][/font][font=Times New Roman]Abraços[/font]


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#803006 Koli,

Agradecemos a colaboração em postar coisas novas, porém nem todos possuem um bom inglês para entendimento e as ferramentas de tradução não tem o senso para fazer a adaptação que saia de forma de melhor entendimento.

Por favor se tiver a disponibilidade traduza.


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#803050 E isso aí Koli, e se voc~e for montar um artigo explique o que você entendo sobre o assunto e com suas histórias e tal..