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Unlike many of his counterparts in the seduction community, writer Neil Strauss has a career outside of men s advice. Strauss has worked as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, a graphic novelist, even a ghostwriter for celebrities like Jenna Jameson and< Marilyn Manson.!–more–>

As a music critic, Strauss interviews are the stuff of legend. Rumors abound Neil Strauss interviews The Strokes for over a week, hanging out with them at all times, engaging in all sorts of illicit behaviors. Strauss once climbed into bed with Jewel during an interview, and the myths surrounding his alleged kidnapping by Courtney Love (one version of the story claims she stabbed and drugged him) are dirty enough to be withdrawn from this article.

To top it off, Neil Strauss can list more than a few celebrity girlfriends to his credit, including the drummer from Courtney Love s band The Chelsea. In other words, Strauss has demonstrated that seduction and excitement are both walks he can walk. If you know him as Style or Chris Prowles, then you may be familiar with his seduction and business style the guy keeps to himself, releasing his thoughts on seduction to ultra small numbers of men, usually other members of the seduction community.

The Annihilation Method

In fact, Neil Strauss first method, known as Annihilation Method, was taught to five men in Strauss home over a long weekend in 2005. This approach flies right in the face of the methods of men like Ross Jeffries or Doc Love, men who make their material highly available, even leaking large portions of it for free to men who know how to run a search engine. Not Strauss after this extremely selective seminar, Strauss method was released to a larger audience. The exact number is unknown, but Strauss offered to sell his method to the first 375 men to appear at his website to place an order.

This group of students went on to feature some stars of its own, including one student who released the controversial How to Fuck Strippers book in 2007. This emphasis placed on releasing information to a small amount of consumers is a completely unique idea in the world in which Neil Strauss operates. Moving away from this philosophy only slightly, Strauss has opened what he calls The first online school for self-improvement and attraction, though it is easy to imagine this school as just the next step for pickup artists and their students why not gather all of your method teachings into easy-to-disseminate lectures and packages so that men don t mind paying tuition to learn from you. And packaging this material as a school is an equally sneaky way to convince men that this information is valuable and necessary. No one looks down on a man who goes back to school , do they?

The release of his book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists is as much of a catalyst in the ongoing feud in the seduction community as any other event. In this book, Strauss relates advice and information on seduction in yet another unique way by telling stories. Often humorous, often scary, always dirty and usually featuring more than its share of braggadocio, the book was on the top of every bestseller list in the country, including, for months. The basic story of the book is the tutelage of a student named Style (funny that s the name that Strauss sometimes goes by!) by a mentor named Mystery. The mentor in the book is undoubtedly Erik von Markovik, the most familiar of the seduction community to the rest of the world — the man known as Mystery, whose Method was featured on a reality show from VH1. Strauss would later release titles related to The Game, including a selection of stories from the cutting room floor.

The villains of Strauss works are usually men from the seduction community known as Tyler Durden (the nemesis of Ross Jeffries and other pickup artist bigwigs) and Papa. These two, known for their own seduction method known as Real Social Dynamics, have clashed publicly and privately with Jeffries and Strauss over issues related to seduction. Occasionally these fights have gotten personal, taking away what little credibility this community had in the eyes of many. Regardless of what you feel about pickup artists and their community, The Game is a fascinating window into their world. Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part01.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part02.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part03.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part04.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part05.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part06.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part07.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part08.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part09.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part10.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part11.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part12.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part13.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part14.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part15.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part16.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part17.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part18.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part19.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part20.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part21.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part22.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part23.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part24.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part25.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part26.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part27.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part28.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part29.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part30.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part31.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part32.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part33.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part34.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part35.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part36.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part37.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part38.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part39.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part40.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part41.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part42.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part43.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part44.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part45.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part46.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part47.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part48.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part49.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part50.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part51.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part52.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part53.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part54.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part55.rar Strauss.The.Annihilation.Method.part56.rar

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